WTB Velociraptor

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At a time when mountain bike tires were unquestionably gum walled, the VelociRaptors came out in black and haven’t looked back ever since.  They changed the game in 1994 with a steering specific front and a rear that could really dig.  The VelociRaptors continue to be popular because to put it simply… they just work.  Try riding one of the most classic combos of all time.


  • Steering specific front designed to provide maximum cornering traction.
  • Braking specific rear with wide knobs that dig in while braking in loose terrain.
  • Tube-type tire with a wire bead, these tires are very durable.


USAGE: XC / Trail
CONDITIONS: Dry to Wet / Hardpack to Mud

Wheel Size Level Weight Compound
26″ Comp Tube-Type (front) 829g DNA


Comp Tube-Type (rear)

829g DNA