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Among the most beloved saddles in WTB history, the Deva is back, in all its previous glory. Designed to suit the female form, without flaunting flowers or pink butterflies. Comfortable enough that even the manliest men are able to look past the women’s specific label.


  • Generous padding, a short nose for easy on-off transitions, and strategically placed gel inserts on the ProGel model.
  • Originally designed to fit the female form.
  • Flat profile providing lots of real estate for positioning.

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WTB Saddle Technology

Sizing: Medium x Thin (145mm x 260mm)

Model Rail  Color Weight Details
Team Titanium Black/Black 200g Microfiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / DNA Padding
Pro Cromoly Black/White 208g Microfiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / DNA Padding
HP Race Cromoly Black/Red 267g Microfiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / Standard Padding
ProGel Steel Black/White 291g Microfiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / Gel Padding
Comp Steel Black/Silver 324g Synthetic Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / Standard Padding


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HP comp, HP race, Pro, ProGel, Team

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Medium, Thin