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Named after WTB Athlete Nathan Riddle, the Riddler tire delivers raw speed yet hangs on in the corners, remaining composed and unflappable – just like Nathan’s riding style.


  • Densely packed center knobs minimize rolling resistance in straightaways.
  • Tall, toothy outer knobs provide cornering traction when leaned over.
  • Perfect for hard pack conditions and rolling trails where carrying speed is key.

REVIEWS: Singletracks.com Factory Jackson


USAGE:  Cross Country / All Mountain
CONDITIONS:  Dry to Damp / Hardpack to Sand

Wheel Size Level Weight Compound
27.5″ TCS Light/Fast Rolling 868g Dual DNA
27.5″ TCS Tough/Fast Rolling 1108g Dual DNA


USAGE: Cross Country / All Mountain
CONDITIONS: Dry to Damp / Hardpack to Sand

Wheel Size Level Weight Compound
27.5″ TCS Light/Fast Rolling 780g Dual DNA
29″ TCS Light/Fast Rolling 840g Dual DNA
29″ TCS Tough/Fast Rolling 1000g Dual DNA

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Storlek däck

27,5", 29"

Bredd däck

2,25, 2,4


TCS Light/Fast Rolling, TCS Tough/Fast Rolling


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